Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What i learned....

What i have learned from the speeches is that i learned more about the Army. I learned more from the army that i want to join even more then i did before. I have learned that i would get payed abit more then would've thought i was going to before. Also, that basic training isnt that bad from what mike says about it. I will also get my college payed for about 38,000 when i decide to go to college weither im still in the army or out by that time. Ive also learned what a mopar is and wat it is about. I thought that a mopar might be a moped or something like that not a chain of cars. Im not really into mopars though because its not Fords and im a Ford fan i like Fords and have 4 Fords at my house.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My characters.

I have quite a few characters on WoW. All my guys that i play alot of the time are on the server Echo Isles. I have a Tauren Druid which is my main that right now is lvl 62 but im pretty sure ill be 70 soon. I also have a twinked out lvl 39 Undead Rogue that likes to tear alliance apart when he pvps but am planning to lvl him soon to go up to lvl 59 so i can pvp in Alterac Valley to get some more of my 70 gear on him. Will be getting images of my 2 cool horde guys to show on the blog soon as i get a picture of them.

What im going to do.

What i am planning to do for my presentation would be to bring in my computer and show you what World of Warcraft is like to play. I will be able to run you around the game showing you some things like where Flight Path is to find in a town. Can take you threw a few of the big cities of the game to show you what it is like. I will also if i can get a chance in the hour presentation be able to maybe get in a Battlegrounds match if possible. I will also be able to show you what the instances are like by taking the class threw one of the instances and showing what the point of instances is like and what to do. Also show what proffessions you can do and what they do and make. Also be able to show you what a melee class does and what a spell caster class can do which will be my rogue and druid. I can also show you what the quest do, what you get from questioning and stuff like that. Can show you what the different mounts are like and what the different speeds are for them.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My question.

What do you think about the game WoW? If you don't like it why? Have you played it before?

Monday, September 15, 2008

20 Questions!!

What kind of weapons do you use? I use alot of weapons because i have alot of different guys that i play on WoW. I have a twinked out 39 undead rogue that i use 2 one-handed swords on with fiery enchants on them for pvp. I also have a 57 tauren druid that i use a staff that gives me stamina and intellect boosts for my healings spells since he is a restoration druid. I also have a lvl 14 gnome warlock that i just started that i use a dagger that is not that good and a off-handed weapon that gives me a stamina boost.

What do you do in the game that is interesting? There is alot of interesting things in the game that keep u busy. There is pvping which is alot of fun once u get the hang of it. There is also alot of professions to get into which on my guys is enchanting, tailoring, skinning, minning and alot more professions in the game that keep u busy. There is also the questing that keeps u constantly busy trying to level till u get 70 which right now is the highest level u can get on the game. Also there is instances and raids which can range from if u have a good enough group from 3 to the really long and hard raids that are 40 level 70s killing really big and tough bosses.

Can you play on your phone? WoW is way to big of a game to play on the phone. Most computers have to be new and have a good enough graphics card just to run WoW because it is such a big adventurous game.

What do you do in this game? There is alot to do in the game. Alot ranging from pvping, working on your professions, leveling to get to 70 the fastest and best way you can, doing alot of raids and instances to get really nice armor. Also it is a really big adventurous game that you can travel and see the whole game which there are alot of different areas you get to go with different species of guys on the game ranging from the smallest guys the gnomes to the biggest guys the tauren.

Is it fun to play? There is alot of different opinions that people give to playing this game in my opinion it is one of the best games i have ever played and is really fun in my opinion. Some people will say it is a lame game because they can't get the hang of it or just dont like adventurous games like WoW but they have there opinions and i have mine which is all that counts in my book.

What kind of creatures are there? Which did you go with? There are alot of different types of guys on WoW. There are 5 different types on the alliance side and the horde sides. The alliance have the gnomes, dwarves, night elves, humans, and the new ones the dreanei. The horde side have the taurens, trolls, orcs, undeads, and the new ones the blood elves. I went with alot of guys from both sides because they are both fun to play. My favorites are the gnomes which i have a warlock, the tauren which i have a restoration druid, and the undead which i have a twinked 39 rogue.

What is your favorite kind of character? I would have to say out of all the guys i have my favorite would have to be the alliance gnomes. They are my favorite because they are one of the best to go with in pvping because they are so short and small that they are so hard to click on when they are running around killing the horde.

Do you prefer agility, strenght, or magic based guys? I would have to say my favorite 2 would be the agility and magic based guys. I have alot of fun on my agility based 39 twink rogue because he can dodge most attacks getting thrown at him and can deal some massive damage to people i am fighting with. Also magic based guys because even though i only have a 14 gnome warlock i am already having alot of fun with him because he is really strong and can kill monsters with ease at low levels with his dark magic spells and has a helping minion to fight along side him.

What is it about? How do you play? WoW is pretty much about roleplaying whatever class and type of guy you pick and doing abunch of quests to gain experience and reputations with abunch of different towns and different groups of people. It is also about the good versus the bad sides which alot of people have they're different opinions on which is good and which is bad. My opinion is that the alliance is the good side and the horde is the bad side but i have characters on both sides on different servers and have alot of fun with both sides. It is a pretty easy game to play once u get the hang of it its pretty much you want to level up fast as you can and then get in a good guild if you want so you can run hard instances and raids that would pretty much be inpossible to run by yourself until u get way higher then the creatures inside the instances but raids you can never do by urself because the monsters are way too hard and strong to kill with just one person.

Do you plan on playing Jared's game, Warhammer online? I plan on maybe playing it someday when i have got a level 70 guy on WoW or maybe a couple. Warhammer looks fun i have seen some videos about it just trying to get far on one game before i move on to another game rather then switch back and forth which would really just get annoying to me.

Do you play individually? On teams? How many can play at a time? Do you prefer to play alone(vs. system/computer) or with other players? Why? WoW is a big online game that alot of people play on many servers. You can play individually and on teams just depends what you want to do. Most times i like to play by myself or with friends that are around the same level as me while i am training to gain level. When i am pvping or going to do raids or instances i like to be in a group of people or friends i get along with. It depends on the situation of how many people can play at a time with raids you can get up to 40 people in a group. In instances you can get from 2-5 people in a group to have fun with. I like to train by myself usually because i get alot more experience and items and money when i am by myself so i dont have to share the stuff with other people. I also like to play with other players because it makes things easier and sometimes more fun as long as you dont get a person that is all about the game and doesn't like to lose or die.

What type of character do you play? I play 3 guys right now that i am having fun with at the moment. I have a 57 tauren druid that is restoration which means he is for healing which i get in groups for instances and raids really easy because people dont like being healers most of the time because they cant do much by themselves but are good and handy in a group. I also have a 39 twinked out undead rogue which i use only for pvping and killing the alliance side guys for fun and honor to get really nice things for when i get to 70. I have a lvl 14 gnome warlock that i just started that i am having alot of run with because he does some massive damage even though he's still a really low level.

What can you earn from playing this game? You can't really earn anything outside of the game but maybe bragging rights with your friends that play too of how much better your guy is. But in the game there is alot of things you can earn from leveling, pvping, and doing raids/instances. From leveling you can earn some items that are nice, you earn money from quests and creatures drop money, from pvping you can earn honor and marks of honor which you trade in to get nice gear for higher levels or the level your at. For raids/instances you can earn alot of really nice gear, weapons, and mounts and experience and some new friends if your a nice guy in a group which i usually always am and get invited back when they run things.

What is your highest level guy? My highest level guy would have to be my 57 tauren druid. He is alot of fun when i got into instances with other people because i am really good at healing. I dont level him much because his is resto speced so he is hard to train unless i have some one to help me train him.

Why do you like this game? I like it because it is a roleplaying game which is one of my favorite types of games to play because it is then long and you have a fun time playing the game and there is alot of things to do while playing it.

Can you make friends through this game? How? You can make alot of friends through WoW. It is pretty easy to make friends threw the game when you are really nice to people when you are in a party with people. I have personaly made quite a few friends on WoW. A couple that i made are now a couple of my best friends on the game that we do pretty much everything together when i am on the horde guys of mine. They are really cool to hang out with when i am playing because i found out where they live and they know where i live i know they're names and ages which i think is a pretty cool thing to have made friends that we tell so much about us to them and have alot of fun with just like the friends i have at school and hang out with.

What is the highest level? The highest lvl on WoW used to be 60 it is now 70 because of the new expansion that came out on it called the burning crusade. It was alot more fun when it was 60 because alot more people did the 40 man raids when the max lvl was 60 now that it is 70 more people dont do the hard and long raids to get nice gear they just run alot of pvp to get nice gear since it is easier then running 40 man raids. The max lvl is soon going to be 80 since they are coming out with a new expansion that is going to have new characters monsters, instances, quests and all that good stuff that comes with it.